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Volunteer Set-Up Instructions


Set up instructions for HOME meets:

1.     Put cones in the cul-de-sac and down both sides of the street to the corner of Segars Lane.  Put DO NOT PARK signs in the yards of the first three houses on the right hand side of the clubhouse. Cones and signs are located in the Vixen clubhouse closet.

2.     Tape specific age group signs on fence to create bullpens for each age group.  Bullpen signs are located in the swim team box in the clubhouse closet that has the clipboards and stopwatches.  They go on the “home side” of the pool. 

3.     Benches need to be lined up for Clerk of Course.  Benches go in the center of the covered area. 

4.     Set up chairs for strokes and turns judges.  There are four chairs, one on each corner of the pool.  Tape the "Stroke & Turns" laminated signs onto the chairs.  The signs are located in the swim team box in the clubhouse.

5.     Set up a chair for the announcer.  The chair should be located near the #1 starting block. 

6.     Fill cooler with water bottles for timers, and place it inside the clubhouse, near the door to the pool.  Fill with water bottles.  We need 20 bottles. There is a big red bucket and a white styrofoam chest in the closet.  Use either one.  Check the bucket and chest for water bottles left over from previous meets.  Also check closet and/or refrigerator for water bottles set aside for timers.  See if the volunteers working Concessions have ice we can use. They usually save us a bag or two for our timer cooler. 

7.     Tape “Do not enter and computer workers only signs” on the CLUB HOUSE doors that exit to the pool, and to the doors that exit to the front of the clubhouse. These signs are in the box with the clipboards and bullpen signs. 

8.     Untangle stopwatches.  There should be 16 stopwatches – 15 for timers, and 1 for the head timer.  Stopwatches are located in a box in the clubhouse closet.  Untangle flashlight pens as well.  We need 5 - one for each lane.

9.     Inside the Vixen clubhouse, check in volunteers and distribute heat sheets to Child Gatherer volunteers. Print the volunteer list for the meet from Sign Up Genius (it's easy) and be sure to bring it with you so you know who is signed up to volunteer for the night and can check off names as they arrive.  You can access Sign Up Genius from the website (hamptonhammerheads.com).  The heat sheets will be given to you on the night of the meet by the people working the computers inside the clubhouse. 


Set up instructions for AWAY meets:  #2, and #8.  Look for check in table to help with stopwatches at the away pool.  Bullpen signs will go on the “visitor side” of the pool.