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In order to keep all of our swimmers safe, we abide by a strict set of rules. Please familiarize yourself and discuss these items with your swimmers.  By keeping everyone safe, we can have a fun and enjoyable season. 


No parents on pool deck after a specified date. 

Our swimmers perform better and are safer if they are not trying to listen to mom or dad and their coach.  This also allows them to "bond" with their coach and develop the trust that is needed.

Swimmers are not to be dropped off early.  

If you need to drop them off, they are welcome to stay on the playground, in the field or the sand court, however, they cannot be inside the pool fence until their practice.  Our coaches are busy working and focusing on the kids in the water and cannot watch over the kids who are on the pool deck.  When your kids are in the water and swimming, they are our responsibility but not before then. 

 Swimmers are expected to behave while at practice.

We have over 100 kids practicing daily and our coaches are there to help kids learn to swim as well as have fun.  Please familiarize your swimmer with the following rules of behavior.

NO hitting or pushing at any time

NO running on the pool deck

NO shoving other swimmers into the pool

NO leaving practice early without notifying a coach

NO disrespectful/disobedient behavior to a coach or team mate

At the discretion of the coaches, a swimmer may be given a warning for disobeying any of the above rules. During any given practice, children will be given two warnings if conducting themselves inappropriately. If the behavior occurs a third time, that child will be asked to get out of the pool and sit poolside for the remainder of the practice. The child will not be permitted to leave the pool area without a parent until practice is over for safety reasons. If a child is asked to sit poolside due to inappropriate behavior two times in a given week, that child will not be permitted to swim in the next swim meet.

All families are required to volunteer.

All families are required to meet a minimun amount of volunteering for the season.  This is to ensure that the meets run smoothly as it takes a small army of people to make a meet possible.  Families that do not meet the volunteer requirements will forfeit their childs opportunity to swim in any given meet.  Exceptions can be made per the approval of the volunteer coordinator. 

Please refrain from approaching coaches/officals during the meets.

This includes timers, judges, clerk of course, ribbon distributors, computer scorer, etc. If you have a concern, please take it up with the League Representative or Swim Team Director. Our coaches main concern during a meet is the safety of all swimmers.

The league requests that meets be alcohol free.