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Making the team

The North Star Swim League By-Laws state that all swimmers must be able to swim an unassisted lap in order to participate in the league.  The Hammerheads believe that it is very important for the safety of all the children and we are non- negotiable on this requirement.  We have a process in place to help children be successful in preparation for their swim test. 

Many younger swimmers get rusty over the spring, fall, and winter so we allow for some "relearning" time for everyone. After multiple practices,  there will be a specific date in which all children are tested on their lap.  We allow for some inclement weather in May when practices start, to ensure that there is adequate practice time for the children. 

On the determined date, the swimmers will divide into lanes 1 and 5 (the outside lanes) and the coaches will be suited up, but not in the water.  The swimmers will swim the length of the pool and the coaches will walk the deck with each swimmer, ready to help if need be.  Children are in the outside lanes for that specific reason, so the coaches can get to them if they need help. If your child struggles to make the lap, he/she will be given some rest time and the opportunity to retry the lap.  Every child who is able to swim the lap unassisted makes the team.

If your child doesn't make the lap, refunds will be made the following week.  Please do not be discouraged if your child does not make the lap.  Many kids come back the following summer and do very well.