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Meet Clean Up Instructions

HamptonsSwim Team“Home Meets”

Clean Up Instructions


1.      As soon as the last race ends, collect stopwatches, clipboards, pens, and flashlight pens from the timers.  You should have 8 stopwatches total from the timers in lanes 1-5, and 2 stopwatches from the head timer, for a total of 10 stopwatches.  Remember, you are only collecting stopwatches from the Hamptons timers.  Visitor timers provide their own stopwatches.  Place all timer items in the swim team volunteer box in the clubhouse.  It is normally sitting on the round table closest to the clubhouse closet door. 


2.      Remove all “bullpen” signs from the fence.  These are the signs that say, for example, “Boys 8 & Under” or “Girls 11/12.”  Place the signs in the volunteer box in the clubhouse.


3.      Remove the signs from the clubhouse doors – both front and back doors – and place them in the volunteer box in the clubhouse.


4.      Remove the 4 “Stroke and Turns” signs on the chairs that are located in the four corners of the pool.  Place the signs in the volunteer box in the clubhouse.


5.      Move the 5 swimmer benches from the center of the covered area and line them in a single row along the back fence. 


6.      Move all tables and chairs to their original positions along the perimeter of the pool.


7.      Ensure all trash is disposed of in the garbage cans.


8.      Collect all parking cones from the cul-de-sac and along the side of the street and place them in the clubhouse closet.


9.      Empty the cooler just inside the doors of the clubhouse that is designated for timers and strokes and turns judges.  Place the cooler and any remaining water bottles inside the clubhouse closet.  Ensure there is a note on top of the cooler that says “SWIM TEAM ONLY” when you put it in the closet.


10.  Inside the clubhouse, clean up the round table closest to the clubhouse closet door:


a.        Throw away all used child gatherer sheets and timer sheets from the clipboards. 


b.      DO NOT throw away any unused DQ sheets that are still attached to the stroke & turn clipboards. 


c.       Place all child gatherer, timer, and strokes & turns clipboards in the tote bag (usually sitting on the table or on a nearby chair) and place it in the clubhouse closet. 


d.      Put the volunteer box (that has the stopwatches, pens, etc…) inside the clubhouse closet.