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Volunteer Descriptions for Regular Meets


NOTE:  The volunteering requirements described below apply to all families with children who are swimming in REGULAR meets.  If your family is ONLY swimming in SPEEDY meets, these requirements do not apply to you! 

Parent volunteers are a vital part of the success of our swim team.  Simply stated, our team will not function without the support of every family.  We think you will find that the time you spend volunteering will provide you with an opportunity to connect with fellow neighbors and, best of all, create some great summer memories for you and your children!

We have a total of 6 regular season swim meets and as part of our team, we require each family to volunteer to work 3 meets. We will be unable to register your swimmer(s) until you can commit to 3 meet dates.  

Volunteer sign-ups begin at the start of registration.  Prior to registering your swimmer(s) we ask that you go through the online Volunteer Registration process to sign up for 3 regular season swim meets.   Depending on your swimmer's age (7-12), there are some jobs like Child Gatherer that we ask you select as your assignment for at least one meet.  As your swimmer ages, you will no longer have to fulfill certain jobs.  Once you have completed this process, you can then complete the online registration form. 

Volunteering for the Championship Meet is an additional requirement if your swimmer should qualify for this meet.  We are required by the League to provide a certain number of volunteers for Championships which changes from year to year.   Please know that every attempt is made to be fair and equitable with these assignments and we do attempt to consider those who have volunteered for the prior year's meet.  However, there is typically a smaller group of swimmers who attend Championships and therefore a smaller group of parents from which to pull volunteers. 

All volunteers are expected to be at their assigned meets.  In the event of needing a replacement, each worker is responsible for finding another family to fill their spot.    If a family fails to make a replacement or contact the Volunteer Coordinator, their child will forfeit the opportunity to swim in the next meet.

Please take some time to review the list of volunteer opportunities/descriptions below:


Meet Director: 

Member of the community in charge of organizing the swim team and head official for the meet. They are responsible for all aspects of the meet. They also represent the team in any communication or issue with the other teams in the league. All parental concerns are to be handled by the Meet Director.

Clerk Of Course:

Volunteer in charge of making sure all swimmers are lined up in correct swim order.  They are also to help assist with last minute changes, work with the starter to combine heats that are not full and help assist with timers.  They are to stay behind the starting blocks to also help with transitions between events and heats.


Will be responsible for the start of every race, using the start system.  They are also to make any announcements during the meet as well as welcome visiting teams and announce final scores.  Volunteer should be very comfortable speaking over a PA system.

Child Gatherers:

Multiple volunteers who will gather swimmers prior to events and place them in event/heat/lane order.  They will then hand their swimmers over to the clerk of course. 


Responsibilities include using a stopwatch to time all events, and confirming that the swimmer on the block is the correct swimmer.  Will have to change sides of the pools for 25 yd/m races.  Also responsible for writing correct times with swimmers on sheets that go to computer workers.  Timers for the Hamptons work the entire swim meet. 

Head Timer:

Volunteer that times every race in case of  problem with any lane and their timing of a race.  If a lane has an issue such as not starting on time or watch failure, the head timer has a watch to "back-up" that lane.

Stroke and Turn Judges:

Volunteer responsible for judging the legality of each stroke.  They are required to watch each race and determine if that swimmer has made faults or not with their stroke per league guidelines.  They will be equipped with DQ sheets that list faults and will be required to document the error.  Each judge is required to be trained by the league or meet director to ensure that they are familiar with league rules.

Computer Workers:

2 volunteers who will operate our team computer and use swim meet program to enter all race times, DQ's, changes etc. for each meet.    They are also responsible for making sure timers, clerk or course, starter and coaches all have updated heat sheets prior to the meet.  The computer is inside the clubhouse (air conditioned!!) but workers will be notified when their swimmer has an event so they can see it.

Ribbon Labels:

Multiple volunteers needed at the end of the meet to adhere result stickers for all races and make sure visiting team has their ribbons before leaving. 

Heat Ribbon Distributors:

Volunteer needed to distribute Heat Winner ribbons to the winner of all 10 & under races.

Set-Up & Clean-Up:

Multiple volunteers needed to aid in setting up the pool for a home meet.  Includes moving furniture, setting up start system, setting up clubhouse, hanging signs, setting up shade tents etc.  Clean up volunteers will need to stay until the meet is over and assist with any clean up duty necessary.

Concession Workers:

Multiple volunteers needed to run home concession meets and to assist Concession Coordinator in any area.


Volunteer in charge of collecting all time sheets as well as DQ sheets and handing them over to the computer workers.