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My beliefs
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Oct 11, 2019
2:41 AM
The jealousy, misinformation, discrimination, and outright hate, bred into children by the teachers and preachers in their lives is now bubbling over into the terrorist acts that threaten freedom and democracy. No one can predict it or stop it because from governments down religions are favoured as essential parts of our culture.

The problem is when they come face to face as they are now doing in countries where Muslims are arriving en masse in the hope of starting a new life after wars and poverty. The freedom to think beyond the boundaries of religion has brought many to better understanding of how restrictive they are. The limits of endurance against societies that appear to flout their rules and to upset their gods are triggers for revenge.

This is prevalent in the venues where the most recent attacks have occurred. A Gay Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a theatre and football stadium in France, a High School attacked by the Boko Harem, Nigeria, are just some of the places where victims are targeted. Entertainment, freedom to think outside of a religious concept, education, and such allow people to ignore the gods and the teachings of things the perpetrators have condemned in the name of their god.
Roger Fedrar
Oct 11, 2019
2:42 AM
It isn't baptism nor some other holy sacrament, nor doing great deeds to our kindred men, nor going to chapel and performing religious or church exercises that tell others we are genuine Christians. Type help me write my thesis in the search engine and get help. It is feeling of all out satisfaction transmitting around us.
Alex stave
1 post
Feb 17, 2020
4:39 AM

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May 23, 2020
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Oct 07, 2020
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