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About Speedy Meets


What are Speedy Meets?

Speedy Meets are designed for the Hampton Hammerhead Minnows and Sharks swimmers. They are a great place to start if you have a young swimmer who is new to the sport. Your meets will be on Saturday mornings, and they are exactly that -  speedy -  usually over in an hour. It is also designed for any 8 and under swimmer who may not be comfortable swimming at the regular meets.  Once a swimmer is able to swim the strokes legally, he or she will be encouraged to join the regular team.

Swimmers are required to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to start time for warm ups.  After a quick warm up, the coaches will line swimmers up for their first event.  The starter will announce "Freestyle" and any swimmer swimming freestyle will line up behind a starting block. Coaches will make sure the kids are ready and know what they are doing.  They will use the starter system and the swimmers will  hear "swimmers take your mark" and then a beep.  They will have been practicing how to start either in the water or off the starting block and at the sound of the beep, they will begin their race. There are no heats and everyone who swims gets a ribbon with his or her time on it. After all the freestyle swimmers have swum, the process starts over again with the next stroke.
The swimmer will have the opportunity to swim each of the four strokes (freestyle, breast, backstroke, and butterfly)  if they are ready. A swimmer can swim just one stroke, or try all four.   We encourage the kids to try all the strokes, but sometimes it takes a meet or two before they are brave enough to try all four.   Once all of the kids have swum their races, the meet is over. 
Parents will also be asked to time the races as we need 2 timers per lane.  Timing is a fun job as you get to watch all the races.  We also encourage our older Hammerheads and older non swimming siblings to come time the meets, which the little kids enjoy because the big swimmers get to see them. 
We are not looking for perfect strokes, there are no disqualifications (DQ's), and many times the stroke they are swimming is a bit of a mystery. However, they are always proud of how they raced and love to get their ribbons!